See What You've Been Missing

You've always stayed in touch. But, hearing loss can make phone calls difficult. Sprint Captel is a free service that makes using the phone easy again by displaying live captions of your calls.

Live captions. Familiar phone.

Make The Phone Your Friend Again

The CapTel 2400i caption phone gives you everything you need to enjoy talking on the phone again. Imagine taking a call with confidence, without waiting for a quiet room or relying on others to listen for you. Sprint CapTel's live captions make every call clear and easy to follow.

Features you can use.

CapTel Features


Easy-to-Read <br>Captions

A high-resolution, full-color touchscreen with sharp, clear captions you can make as large as you want.

Modern Phone.

Modern Phone. <br>Easy-to-Use.

Familiar keypad dialing and convenient touch-screen menus make calling a snap.

Fast, Easy

Fast, Easy <br>Set-Up

Make your first call in minutes! Just connect the 2400i to your phone line and internet using the easy, built-in setup steps.

Get Help With
One Touch

Get Help With <br>One Touch

Live, U.S.-based customer care is one button away, 24/7.

You may qualify for a CapTel phone at no cost

Call our customer service representatives to discuss your options.

Call toll-free
(000) 000-0000

Dial like always. Follow along like never before.

With Sprint CapTel, you use the phone like you always have, but the phone displays live, easy-to-read captions as your caller speaks. You’ll never miss another word or phrase, and you’ll never have to ask someone to repeat themselves.

Watch video Step up to simple

Sprint CapTel is Easy

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Dial / Answer

Dial / Answer

Dial or answer your Sprint CapTel phone like any other phone.

Read and Listen

Read and Listen

When your party speaks, you see live captions of what they say.



Get back on the phone and reconnect with the people you care about!

Get connected.

It's time to get back on the phone.

Get your Sprint CapTel phone, service, and 24/7 support, all at no charge.


Download and print the certification form, and have it signed by a doctor, audiologist, or other health professional.


Return the completed form via e-mail, traditional mail or fax.

Or choose to order your phone now for $75 to avoid the paperwork. Either way, there’s no cost for the captioning service.

Download certification formOrder your phone now

The Effects of Sprint CapTel

Charlene Spencer

Charlene Spencer

Sprint CapTel service makes using the phone fun again! Charlene almost gave up hope. Then she tried Sprint CapTel at a recent Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Conference. What happened next? Tears of pure joy.

Carla Trivedl

Carla Trivedl

Do you ever put off using the telephone until the room is completely empty or quiet? So did Carla. With her confidence dropping and anxiety increasing, she decided to try Sprint Captel. The results were nothing short of life-changing.

Kraig Anklewicz

Kraig Anklewicz

The Sprint CapTel phone just changes the game.” Kraig Ankiewicz, a retired Air Force Veteran, lost his hearing from a head concussion. He was frustrated and nervous about talking on the phone … until Sprint CapTel put him back in control.


Connecting people with hearing loss for over 25 years.

34 states and the federal government chose Sprint CapTel as their sole captioning provider. You can trust Sprint to caption your most important conversations with the care, speed, and accuracy they deserve.